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How to grasp the details of office decoration?

release date:2020-10-28 view count:58

Most customers have no experience in office decoration, especially in office environment and business environment. The decoration design requirements of customers are mainly the general concept of perception and orientation, although some customers have very high requirements. But because of his abstract thought and lack of professional knowledge, he put forward requirements and contradictions. So how to grasp the details of office decoration? The following is introduced by the staff of kenvi decoration:

1、 Accurately measure the decoration space, record the site data in detail, and save the site data through video or photography.

2、 Designers take the initiative to ask customers about the key points that must be considered in the design. The customer's current needs should be documented in detail and they are not considered.

3、 Guide customers to explain all their ideas about space decoration. The more detailed the better. Designers mainly listen to and record the details, even the tone and expression of customers.


4、 Expand the scope of communication, understand the comprehensive company information of customers, such as business mode, strength status, recent business plan, personnel composition, personal information of important personnel, characteristics of the company's customer group, etc. Comprehensive understanding of the customer's personal information and so on.

5、 Organize and collect information, analyze and mine customers' expressed and unexpressed internal needs, and display all customers' main complaints in tabular form. At the same time, integrate all customer information, and create things that can be created for customers through space decoration. The full value of the product is also shown in the form of a table, and a clear design plan is finally made through comprehensive analysis.

Through the above steps, we can basically comprehensively investigate the needs of office decoration customers, and can carry out accurate design positioning