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What are the advantages of greening office decoration?

release date:2020-10-28 view count:11

What are the advantages of greening office decoration? Follow kenvi decoration to learn about it! Interior greening is an indispensable part of office decoration. Nowadays, with the fast-paced lifestyle, people have less and less opportunities to get close to nature. Especially those who live and work indoors for a long time, they are more eager to have a green plant environment around them. Therefore, people introduce green plants into the indoor environment to form the indoor environment.

Inhale carbon dioxide and release oxygen. When people breathe, they absorb oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide to balance oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In view of the worsening urban environmental conditions, reasonable and effective use of indoor greening can not only play the role of heat prevention and cooling, heat dissipation and noise reduction, but also purify the air, reduce noise, especially reduce the harmful gas to people in the process of office decoration, which is conducive to human health.


1、 Organizational space

In the design of office space, greening is an important part of space organization. Through the configuration of plant communities, different spaces can highlight the theme of space, and can separate, limit and guide the space. For example, some eye-catching and decorative plants will be placed in the center of many public spaces, population places, transportation hubs and other visual centers. Some dining space and office space, often use green space to separate large space, produce different small space, so that the interior has a certain interval, and will not produce a sense of closure, keep the space transparent and smooth; Some buildings use greening to extend the space from the outside to the inside, giving play to the function of organizing space and guiding.

2、 Meeting the spiritual needs of the people

It's human nature to love and be close to nature. Especially for people who have lived in downtown for a long time, they need green and fresh air. The plant community is the life body of life. The indoor greening arrangement can make people have a feeling of returning to nature. In particular, many living environments are specially decorated with small courtyards, so that urban residents eager for pastoral life can relax after busy.