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How to follow the functional principle in office space design?

release date:2020-10-28 view count:34

In the early stage of the office space design, we should not only consider the creative space effect, but also ensure that the air conditioning, fire fighting, furniture, weak current and other supporting facilities can be fully realized in the future construction. KENWAY decoration strives to integrate the visual environment, functional requirements and corporate image perfectly from a professional perspective! Creativity and practicality!

In today's office space design, what is the most enlightening and interesting?

People are looking for new things - whether it is sports, skills or style, there is a "magical" effect. Retro seems to be shaping a new image. We should pay more attention to some open space, pay attention to comfort. Color, lighting and interaction between people are all important. The focus will be on more effective use of personal and enterprise equipment.


Every designer has his own style. Obviously, every product has a set of customer rules driven by market demand. First of all, I hope the product can explain what it is doing and how it works in detail and form. You may say that the old rule of "form and function" is still crucial in my eyes.

Where is your inspiration?

I would say that my inspiration comes mainly from nature. But when I say "naturally," I mean that the growth, development and construction of things enable us to be familiar with the details. A small element we've seen before makes design more acceptable. By injecting new solutions into new designs, I can get ideal solutions, not just meaningless forms and shapes in computer CAD. When you need to create a software installation with specific features or functions, what do you start with? Is this natural or your own plan? I usually start with the expected function of the product, and rarely have a complete plan. Plan making includes drawings, models, meetings, etc. It's important to get in touch with customers.