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Three elements of office design

release date:2021-04-10 view count:83

When designing office, many customers ignore these three problems! And some office decoration companies do not ask customers what they say in order to take over the project? Say nothing, ask nothing! Lead to the office of the final design case nothing! Can not meet the psychological requirements of customers! Finally, customers lost money and time, designers wasted energy! The loss is not worth it. Therefore, in the office decoration design, regardless of whether the designer asked, we have to tell customers the following three elements!


When designing an office, we must tell the designer what style our enterprise needs? What kind of style do you want, simple and modern or Chinese, European and American or industrial! Because this directly determines whether our scheme can meet the needs of enterprises after it is formulated! Can we establish our own brand image!

In office design, positioning is also very important. Enterprise positioning is the source of life of enterprises! It carries the essence of internal material culture. In order to create a good office effect, we must first position the office. In the office design, the corporate culture of the office and the corporate characteristics of the office! Because it reflects the characteristics and image of the enterprise! Whether it's for our employees or our customers, it has great benefits.