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Office decoration how to decorate the atmosphere?

release date:2020-10-28 view count:40

Reasonable layout of office space plays an important role in helping office staff's financial situation and official career, so that they can give full play to their talents and talents, and play a decisive role in the success or failure of their career. Small and medium-sized office decoration is the office space that small and medium-sized enterprises must choose, so how to decorate small and medium-sized office more atmosphere? KENWAY decoration staff introduce the following contents:

1. Break through the tradition and consolidate the decoration mode

Designers in the early design of small and medium-sized office, must break through the traditional, consolidated office decoration mode. Only in this way, the overall effect of small and medium-sized office after decoration will appear spacious.

2. Reasonable space planning and layout

Due to the limited space of small and medium-sized office, it is easy to be squeezed in the decoration process. Therefore, according to the nature of the Department, reasonable space planning and layout is very important for small office decoration. Secondly, according to the company's positioning and product nature, it can not only improve the unity of the overall decoration, but also avoid confusion.


3. Design and match with high brightness and high purity colors

In order to create a spacious and comfortable office environment, first of all, color matching is very important. It's best to focus on warm colors and try to design with high brightness and high purity colors. This can not only expand the space visually, but also create a comfortable and warm working environment.

4. Pay attention to the choice of decoration materials

Small and medium-sized office decoration should pay attention to the choice of decoration materials, such as the use of glass partition design, which can not only divide the space, but also increase the transparency of the interior. At the same time, mirror decoration can be used to create virtual space to induce illusion, which is one of the ways to expand the size of small office.

5. The choice of office furniture should be coordinated with the overall decoration style

The choice of office furniture should also be exquisite, and its style depends on the overall decorative style. For example, in the modern style office, it is recommended to choose small multi-functional office equipment, which can save space and reduce the congestion and crowding of small space. The vertical space can also be reasonably used, such as arranging partitions on the wall to store office supplies.

It is suggested that the decoration design of small and medium-sized offices should not be too cumbersome, and the design should reflect simplicity, fashion and comfort as far as possible, so that employees can have a comfortable office environment.