Pre-sale service

In the process of pre-sale service, Kenwei decoration will have a deep understanding of your personalized needs for this decoration, and strive to provide you with the most suitable for you and the most convenient for you to use the office design. From a professional point of view to help customers sort out the decoration needs to be involved in all aspects of the problem, to provide in the early space planning on a more comprehensive, systematic consulting services.


Design services

According to the communication with the customer, grasp the customer needs, put forward the initial color, material and style positioning, explain the overall design concept, further refine the style of the conceptual design, integrate the overall style into the detailed design of each place, according to the customer needs to adjust the details of the scheme; Reasonable arrangement of each size according to ergonomics and customer's actual functional requirements.


Electrical and mechanical services

Professional mechanical and electrical engineers are responsible for the supervision of the mechanical and electrical design of the project and the mechanical and electrical construction on site: regular weekly inspection of the mechanical and electrical construction of all projects of the company, and participation in the hidden inspection of mechanical and electrical construction every time to ensure the quality of the mechanical and electrical construction of the company. From every detail for customers to grasp, in order to achieve the best use effect and the most energy saving equipment selection.



Service mode

Many to one professional service, for you to customize the decoration plan

Quality management

Triple construction quality inspection, site installation camera

Environmental protection

Signing the "environmental protection agreement", health and environmental protection zero worry

After-sale guarantee

24 hours response mechanism, 24 hours to reach a solution